About CEO


Before she was a licensed cosmetologist-esthetician-lash artist and momprenuer, Kassina, first middle name Lachelle was a little girl transfixed by hair and cosmetics in beauty stores and has always had a passion for beauty. while learning how to style her own as well as family and friends hair, experimenting with cosmetics as a way of self care and self expression, it was then she knew that she wanted to be in the beauty industry. 

 Kassina was inspired to create her brand "K Lachelle Collection" in 2019 after years of experimenting with different products and brands. she launched her beauty brand so that people all over would be included and feel even more confident while expressing who they are from the inside.

 K Lachelle Collection products are created to enhance beauty and grooming. our soul purpose is to provide high quality, promote creativity, self care and self expression. be who you want to be, whoever you are without judgement!